Energy and Climate Change in the EU. The Role of Science and its Limitations

Read the paper of Viriato Soromenho-Marques on “Energy and Climate Change in the EU. The Role of Science and its Limitations”, pp. 160-166.

Responding to global challenges – The role of Europe and of international science and technology cooperation
Workshop proceedings
Brussels, 4-5 October 2007

These proceedings gather the written contributions made to the workshop “Responding to global challenges: the role of Europe and international science and technology cooperation” which was organized by DG research on 4-5 October 2007 in relation with the ERA expert group on international cooperation. The conclusions of this workshop were presented at the High Level Conference “The Future of Science and Technology in Europe” that took place in Lisbon, 8-10 October 2007.

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Advisory Group on Energy And Climate Change

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EU policy towards the United States 12 09 2007.pdf

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Seguranca Ambiental e Paz UNL 12 01 2009.pdf

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